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I have been waiting for this day since the Fall/Winter catalog came out! We can FINALLY buy those delicious open and enjoy  snack mixes that have been staring at us for the last month! I have a list of people who have their orders specifically for the Sweet Drizzle Snack Mix and you can add my own order for at least 3 boxes of this stuff! Wow, if that doesn’t tempt your taste buds I just don’t know what will.

The thing I like about these Tastefully Simple snacks is they offer that sweet compliment to many of the richer, flavorful dips. In fact, you better watch you don’t get stampeded by your friends or family when they see you’ve got some Fudgy Popcorn and Chipotle Queso Dip goin’ on!

Who doesn’t love to nibble on snacks at parties or holiday get togethers? It’s one of those things you try to get one or two bites but find yourself cleaning out the bowl. As a hostess, I love having the convenience of popping open a box and placing bowls of snacks in different places of the room. People enjoy chatting AND snacking!!

If you pair a box of snacks with a cute  bowl you’ve got yourself a great gift for a coach, teacher, or anyone else you want to get a gift for but don’t want to spend a fortune.  I’m a piano teacher and I’d be thrilled if one of my students wrapped it up for me.  Who’s that lucky person on your list that would get something like this??

So go ahead and try them…you can purchase them here.  It is well worth your money. You have nothing to lose but disappointed taste buds.

Tastefully Serving You,


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