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You might very well be thinking you don’t hear much about the rest of the fam and for that I’m sorry. With the business incorporating so much of itself into my life, I get sidetracked and forget about the amazing things happening in the rest of my family’s lives.

Isaac has finally started his fourth (and hopefully final) year of the electrical apprentice program through Associated Builders and Contractors.  He drives 2 nights a week down to Pittsburgh (BOO!) for an intense three hour class.  I was ready for him to just get started and get it over with…I never look forward to him being away from us….especially at 4 PM when the girls are bouncing off the walls and I’m ready to pull my hair out.   I have to admit that since the girls are getting older, surviving solo for a few days isn’t nearly as bad as it once was.

It is amazing to see how far he’s come since I married him. He would agree that he wasn’t the handiest of men! Building a house taught him that you can find ANYTHING (and sometimes more then you bargained for) on you tube.  Common sense seems to be rapidly multiplying inside that brain of his! His talent is starting to challenge my natural, inborn “know how” on certain things! He’s building things, fixing lawn mowers, fixing car headlights that were broken from hitting 2 deer this winter,  finding random cords that work with computers that are going pot, and the list goes on. I can not explain how excited I get when I need something done. HE CAN DO IT! Let’s just say that the handy man can!

Let’s be realistic, too. He breaks his fair share of things (hmm…the oldest tater tot  sleeping next to me just left out a “tuft” of air…one can only guess who she gets those genes from…ahem…), spills things,  slobs things on his shirt that are hard to wash…but what he’s doing around here makes up for all of those little things.  His next big project. Yellow house demolition. It’s taken him all summer to get to this point!!!! Oh, how I want it down so we can start to landscape our yard. Well….maybe after I book another 6-8 parties 🙂

All of this to say, he’s been a very busy man! Owning a home doesn’t come without upkeep…I’m just glad that he’s keepin’ up with it!

Tastefully Serving You,


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So being the new consultant that I am, I entered one of my parties completely wrong! Way to start out, eh!! In fact, even my sponsor told me to call customer service and see what they could do. You know it must be bad when your very successful upline tells you to get the corporate office to help you out.  I was really nervous because 1. I don’t like talking on the phone  and 2. My girls always have a melt down 30 seconds into any phone conversation.   I think they have little sensors on them that activate when I press “send” !

Let me just tell you that every single person I talked to throughout the whole process was exceptionally polite and very nice! Even if I was talking to the wrong person (which happened 2 times) they gladly directed me and were friendly about the matter.  Never once did any individual seem irritated that I screwed a few things up and they gladly sent me a certificate on my account for a certain amount of money!

Since Tastefully Simple’s corporate office is located in MN most of the customer service reps all had that Minnesota accident.  I couldn’t get Bobby’s World “Don’t yah know” out of my head!  🙂

My girls DID manage their breakdown, but I hid myself in our master bathroom until the first call was over.  I later dealt appropriately with the matter and I was once again whistling through the day.

End conclusion: If you have ANY questions or concerns don’t be afraid to talk to the big guys! They are there to help us and will do so in a friendly manner.  As a consultant if you mess something up while placing your order, their number is 1-866-448-6446. I had a great experience with my first real boo-boo!

Tastefully Serving You,

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After days and days of anticipation the UPS man decided that it was time….it was time to relieve me of sleepless nights and anxious days and give me my Blast Off Kit from Tastefully Simple. They say that after you marry someone you become more like them. Well, if you knew my husband Isaac, you’d know that he doesn’t have the best of luck sometimes.  In fact, most of the time. Well, I’ve been married going on 5 years now and what they say is true. I just so happened to order my kit on a Tuesday (I do believe) and that means waiting ALL weekend. To some this is only 2 days but for me it was  2880 minutes. Sigh. Oh but wait. Monday was Labor Day…that’s 3 full days (for all you math majors) of no delivery time.  Perhaps the Lord was teaching me patience.  Perhaps I shall I comply quickly and forgo the continued lesson.

Back on track here…UPS man came,  he delivered, and he left.  He had no clue I’d be snapping his portrait for my blog, but he complied 🙂

I quickly whisked the 2 boxes into the house, feeling like a kid at Christmas who already knew what they were getting and couldn’t wait to use it! I took a look and noticed the outside of the box.

I’m sure every company out there wants you to think that your dreams will be met through them, but I truly hope that starting this little business will help some our family’s dreams come true.  Some small. Some great. But all through having this business! My 2 sentimental minutes were replaced by the tearing open of the boxes and having the little ones fight over who could pull the most stuff out first and pop the bubble wrap the loudest.

Overall I was pretty impressed with what I got, however, I thought there would be more business materials such as a calender book and a complimentary business card or two. I can’t complain, however,  since I got the Blast Off Kit 1/2 off…that’s getting 4 Party Plus Kits for the price of 2.  Not too shabby! I knew nothing of this deal when I signed up, so I’m taking that as a positive sign from the Lord 🙂 Most of the extras I got, not including the Party Plus Kits took up all of my small table. You also get the little stuff like spoons, cups, soufle cups ect. to pass around to you party guests.

I got my own little gift just for becoming a consultant! Right off the bat I made the Perfectly Potato Cheddar Soup and Bountiful Beer Bread using Sprite.  I was starving and used the only bread pan I had so we opted to wait for the Almond Pound Cake…although I really should get the the ball rolling with all of the scrumptious things you can do with one product! And that’s one reason I love Tastefully Simple. Each product is so versatile. You think, I don’t need another dehydrated onion or garlic mix. Oh, but wait. It’s like Insta-Dip right there! And you get what? 4-5 dip servings in each container! I will never buy french onion dip again!  Anyways, it’s a yummy product and every shipment I get I want more.

I’ve spent most of my time recently educating myself on how to be a successful consultant.  I know the odds are against m; somehow that is driving me harder.  A verse that popped into my head just before I signed up:

Jeremiah 33:3  “Call unto me, and I will answer thee and shew thee GREAT and MIGHTY things which thou knowest not.”

I think God wants us to dream beyond what we can imagine. Who knows what I’ll learn through this. I pray that we are blessed financially, but more so I pray I connect with people and share with them the joy that resides in my life.  Not because my business is growing,  but because of the God who saved my life. What is your dream and what are you doing to go after it?

PS  If you thought it took me 4 hours to change my theme, personalize it, and write this post, you were right. *shaking my head* Must get more efficient.

Tastefully Serving You,

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Hello guys! Here I am doing two things I never thought I’d be doing…writing and owning my own business.  I thought, well….this is the thing to do. Blog. I suppose it is a good way to let everyone know how things are going, not only in our family but also in the business world. We shall see if either of these avenues become successful,  especially since my creative writing skills are limited to a B- and I’ll probably end up buying more Tastefully Simple products then I sell. (And yes, I’m the only one who has placed an order thus far!)

You’ll have to mind the girly page layout. I went with WordPress because it was recommended and some of my favorite blogs are using it. Let’s just say that about over a span of 2-3 days and 7 hours later this is what we got. Sigh…I know. They do a great job at making what someone REALLY wants involve the act of  transferring your money into their bank account.  Since I’ve already dished out a relatively moderate amount of moolah for gettin’ my business rolling I guess the frilly stuff with just have to wait.

I suppose I should tend to my children now. They’ve watched one too many episodes of Caillou and the youngest firecracker has managed to declothe herself, including her diaper and is dancing around like a pied piper.  🙂  Have a great day everyone, and thanks for stopping by!

Tastefully Serving You,

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