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You might very well be thinking you don’t hear much about the rest of the fam and for that I’m sorry. With the business incorporating so much of itself into my life, I get sidetracked and forget about the amazing things happening in the rest of my family’s lives.

Isaac has finally started his fourth (and hopefully final) year of the electrical apprentice program through Associated Builders and Contractors.  He drives 2 nights a week down to Pittsburgh (BOO!) for an intense three hour class.  I was ready for him to just get started and get it over with…I never look forward to him being away from us….especially at 4 PM when the girls are bouncing off the walls and I’m ready to pull my hair out.   I have to admit that since the girls are getting older, surviving solo for a few days isn’t nearly as bad as it once was.

It is amazing to see how far he’s come since I married him. He would agree that he wasn’t the handiest of men! Building a house taught him that you can find ANYTHING (and sometimes more then you bargained for) on you tube.  Common sense seems to be rapidly multiplying inside that brain of his! His talent is starting to challenge my natural, inborn “know how” on certain things! He’s building things, fixing lawn mowers, fixing car headlights that were broken from hitting 2 deer this winter,  finding random cords that work with computers that are going pot, and the list goes on. I can not explain how excited I get when I need something done. HE CAN DO IT! Let’s just say that the handy man can!

Let’s be realistic, too. He breaks his fair share of things (hmm…the oldest tater tot  sleeping next to me just left out a “tuft” of air…one can only guess who she gets those genes from…ahem…), spills things,  slobs things on his shirt that are hard to wash…but what he’s doing around here makes up for all of those little things.  His next big project. Yellow house demolition. It’s taken him all summer to get to this point!!!! Oh, how I want it down so we can start to landscape our yard. Well….maybe after I book another 6-8 parties 🙂

All of this to say, he’s been a very busy man! Owning a home doesn’t come without upkeep…I’m just glad that he’s keepin’ up with it!

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