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So being the new consultant that I am, I entered one of my parties completely wrong! Way to start out, eh!! In fact, even my sponsor told me to call customer service and see what they could do. You know it must be bad when your very successful upline tells you to get the corporate office to help you out.  I was really nervous because 1. I don’t like talking on the phone  and 2. My girls always have a melt down 30 seconds into any phone conversation.   I think they have little sensors on them that activate when I press “send” !

Let me just tell you that every single person I talked to throughout the whole process was exceptionally polite and very nice! Even if I was talking to the wrong person (which happened 2 times) they gladly directed me and were friendly about the matter.  Never once did any individual seem irritated that I screwed a few things up and they gladly sent me a certificate on my account for a certain amount of money!

Since Tastefully Simple’s corporate office is located in MN most of the customer service reps all had that Minnesota accident.  I couldn’t get Bobby’s World “Don’t yah know” out of my head!  🙂

My girls DID manage their breakdown, but I hid myself in our master bathroom until the first call was over.  I later dealt appropriately with the matter and I was once again whistling through the day.

End conclusion: If you have ANY questions or concerns don’t be afraid to talk to the big guys! They are there to help us and will do so in a friendly manner.  As a consultant if you mess something up while placing your order, their number is 1-866-448-6446. I had a great experience with my first real boo-boo!

Tastefully Serving You,


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